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2010-03-02 Audica was chosen as an editor's pick at
2010-02-06 Release! Audica 0.6.0 released!
2010-01-30 Windows Aero visualization video
2010-01-13 Release! Audica 0.5.1 released!
2010-01-12 Audica included in the Softpedia software database
2009-12-21 Binary updated to latest version.
2009-12-14 Source updated and submitted to PSC.
2009-12-12 Source updated to latest version.
2009-11-29 Release! Audica 0.4.0 released!
Current state
Feature list
Audica 0.6.0 source (2010-02-06, lang: Visual Basic 6.0)
Audica 0.6.0 Full binary (2010-02-06)
Audica 0.6.0 Lite binary w/o FreeImage, AAC plugin and Upload Tool (2010-02-06)
Minimum DLL package (bass.dll, tags.dll)
Full DLL package with audio plugins and FreeImage
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